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Through 2019 and into 2020, the blockchain industry has had ups and downs in the market. Projects have died, new projects have started, and plans have come together for collaboration in the industry to push for adoption. The blockchain industry still has a long way to go through simplifying wallet access for consumers who are not tech-savvy, all the way up to more definite rules and regulations. Which we have come to believe regulations are necessary moving forward in this industry. You cannot have a wild west like attitude in a technology-driven world, and we have that today, especially when it comes to exchanges, ICO/IEO’s and unsavory marketing tactics.

ColossusXT is a small project in comparison to these large ICO/IEO driven projects, but it’s a project built by the community, for the community. You don’t have to go far to realize it’s potential, you just have to stop and take a look; The Colossus Grid is the primary use-case for ColossusXT which will allow users to opt-in to share their idle resources (RAM/GPU/CPU/Storage) on their computers, while other consumers can come in and rent these unused resources to complete simulations, cryptocurrency mining, climate research, and molecular modeling…

Outside of the niche industries, we also plan to apply a heavy focus towards cybersecurity firms. It’s expensive to both own and maintain a supercomputer, millions of dollars a year. The Colossus Grid will make supercomputing power available to cybersecurity analysts from their work or home PC at 1/10th the costs of traditional supercomputing. No more scheduling time to access the supercomputer, and no more worrying about going over your allotted time. You can access from your office, home, or cubical to process large DATA through the Colossus Grid under the foundations of the privacy-centric ecosystem of ColossusXT. As our focus will revolve around cybersecurity, the Colossus Grid will provide computing power for AI & machine learning applications for defense purposes should we be awarded defense contracts.

ColossusXT aims to disrupt the computing industry over the next five years by providing transparency through privacy. In the last five years, you can see how consumer privacy has become a staple of online discussion from Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and, most recently, TikTok and other mobile applications that harvest consumer DATA for their companies own personal gains. Privacy is not justa feature at ColossusXT, it is your right as you utilize the Colossus Grid platform. ColossusXT encourages these privacy protections for consumers through the foundations of our code. CODE IS LAW on the blockchain, and as technology continues to evolve online, we believe that privacy will stop being looked at as a feature, but as a right. Your information is YOUR information. Shady Terms of Service (ToS) will become a thing of the past, and we intend to lead this change through the blockchain.

Moving forward, ColossusXT has always been focused on building relationships with businesses that plan to utilize the Colossus Grid so that our community members are not just opting in to share their idle resources, and there is no demand to rent these resources out. We work with a limited amount of funding, and we strategically move forward so that we can utilize our funding in the best possible ways for the community this is why we have continued to seek approval to work with state and federal agencies in the United States. We’re happy to announce that ColossusXT LLC is approved to work with state and federal agencies through the system on July 14th, 2020.

What this means is that we are now allowed to bid on federal and state projects and funding. If you’re familiar with the JEDI contract, a large Department of Defense cloud computing contract was valued at nearly 10 billion dollars. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and others all placed bids on this contract, and ultimately Microsoft won the bid for the deal but based on an error in the procurement contract by the Department of Defense, and the contract was eventually halted four months later. These are the types of contracts we are talking about when we say we’re looking to bid on, and this competition is full of these household names. We are looking to brand ColossusXT as the next household name in this industry shortly after launching the Colossus Grid.

Competing with these names is another MASSIVE endeavor, but we have strategically thought about this. How can we fight and win bids against the likes of Microsoft and Amazon? That is where the second part of this verification takes a critical swing. Thanks to a core team member, ColossusXT is now in the verification process to become a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. This verification will allow ColossusXT to have priority when we bid on contracts for state and federal agencies, and we can also receive assistance such as tax relief, access to capital, and additional support for businesses in industries that are poised for high growth and innovation; Which we are at ColossusXT.

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