Brief Report —The London Cryptocurrency Investors Show 2018

Brief Report

Ciwox and Great Gama…Nate Murphy is behind the camera :)


General response

The London Cryptocurrency Investors Show displayed COLX in their event guides and on their website, prompting many attendees to visit us at our allocated stand. Given the range of mix of people from beginner investors with simple knowledge of other privacy coins such as DASH, to more experienced Crypto enthusiasts, we were enabled to have discussions on topics such as why privacy/anonymity matters, how the masternode governance system stays true to the ethos of decentralization, regulations that could have an impact on ColossusXT and the vision behind the Colossus Grid. Speaking with a few IT Professionals in top-tier organisations, the feedback we got was that the longer term goal of a decentralized computing framework built on an privacy based foundation sounded very ambitious but necessary in their respective field. They truly felt that it was a great idea to make use of underutilized resources worldwide and in particular the privacy foundation will revolutionize decentralized grid computing and ease many concerns. These aspects and goals go along with the theme of empowering the user community which people found appealing. Overall hundreds of people were attracted to the idea of being part of the COLX network and were eager to invest. The exhibition experience was very fruitful and there will be more to come.


Promotional Material

A media consultant from China was also present and after being impressed with ColossusXT they distributed our press release on a few of their sites,

for example

Future events that we have our eye on:

Crowdfunding Rewards

You can test your wallet by sending some colx to COLX team :) -DEb9SPLDsovwkApswLCirHoamUdGjnS4d7

Official Colossus T-Shirts

A huge thank you from everyone in the COLX Team to all those community members who donated to the crowdfund campaign, making this first exhibition even possible. Projects are only as strong as their community and with our unity, vision and ambitious work ethic to reach all milestones, ColossusXT will one day be known across the world. If SpaceX is successful then maybe even in Mars & beyond :)



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