ColossusXT — 2nd Year In Review & A Glance To The Future

4 min readJan 15, 2020


ColossusXT Business Plan Cover Page

While we left behind a year full of blood, sweat and tears, COLX kept building new relationships and reinforcing existing collaborations. Throughout the bear market, COLX took massive hits to its momentum due to several reasons, namely Cryptopia -as COLX’s earlier main exchange- being hacked & shutdown, bad actors like Tradesatoshi Exchange dumping ColossusXT owners coins, Cryptobridge shutdown and CryptoEmporium stealing the integration fee from the ColossusXT community crowdfund and refusing to integrate ColossusXT.

COLX kept on fighting for delivering targets, however, some technical vulnerabilities affecting the source code of most coins showed up & needed to be prioritized like fake stake attack & problems in zerocoin library (which were addressed accordingly).

All these unexpected technical issues eventually required more development hours as we were required to apply focus towards solutions for each of these instances. Weather it be development hours or engaging in the legal process which ultimately proves to be slow moving. Regardless of the bad actors and unfortunate events, ColossusXT continues to make headway in several fronts including technical developments, partnerships, and exchange opportunities; but due to these unforeseen circumstances there have been some delays in the development of the Colossus Grid; these delays do not mean we have stopped building we have; simply put had to apply those hours towards the vulnerabilities.

Despite all the things faced through, ColossusXT development continued; Armis entered Beta testing stage and we target to prepare a new build for the gamma testers in the coming months as we continue to push towards Armis going live; as we move forward through Armis, we will again be applying the majority of our focus towards the Colossus Grid.

We have recently released the ColossusXT business plan for 2020+ which includes additional benefits to masternodes with Colossus Grid while the need, solution, market, predicted use cases, new model and coin economy are discussed. In 2020, our focus will be on attracting new investors to increase the pace of development through various channels like angel investors, blockchain investment companies and also on creating meaningful partnerships with relevant crypto/non-crypto entities for highlighting mass adoption.

We will remain focused on unifying and improving systems, tools, technologies, and processes — all aimed at building a stronger platform capable of better serving the evolving needs of our clients and the crypto community.


A look back on COLX’s second year:

  1. COLX will be launch partner of LUXGATE Dex
  2. The 2019 Q4 AMA is completed
  3. Gath3r strategic partnership & campaign
  4. Midas Exchange Listing
  5. PolisPay App Epay MasterCard + Union Debit Card integration
  6. ColossusXT releases the business plan for 2020+
  7. Altilly Exchange Listing for BTC/USDT/ETH pairs
  8. Review
  9. CryptoTube review
  10. Aircoins partnership
  11. COLX releases public disclosure about Cryptopia liquidation
  12. COLX is listed back on CoinToPay
  13. POSMN partnership
  14. The 2019 Q3 AMA is completed
  15. Crex24 Exchange Listing
  16. Birake Exchange Network listing
  17. COLX won the Crex24 Voting Competition
  18. Midas partnership
  19. Snode partnership
  20. Block 1 Million processed on ColossusXT blockchain (September 2, 2019)
  21. ColossusXT has been interviewed and included in Zage Blockchain Report
  22. Social SEND partnership
  23. StakeCube partnership
  24. MonitorNode partnership
  25. Armis I2P Community Beta Started
  26. StakeSafe partnership
  27. ColossusXT & SWFT Blockchain Trading Competition Finalized
  28. ColossusXT & SWFT ran a Green Packet campaign for 13 days
  29. CHAINCREATOR Exchange Listing
  30. The 2019 Q2 AMA is completed
  31. SWFT Blockchain Listing
  32. Bitree Exchange Listing
  33. StackofStake partnership
  34. CryptocurrencyCheckout integration: You can now accept payments & donations easily in COLX on your website and use invoice format for your customers
  35. DigitalPrice Exchange Listing
  36. Trittium Partnership
  37. Partnership
  38. Mobile Crypto Marketplace partnership
  39. FlitsNode Partnership
  40. ColossusXT LLC completed Business Registration
  41. ColossusXT Faucet is live
  42. The 2019 Q1 AMA is completed
  43. ColossusXT received ‘V-Label’ on Binance Info
  44. MyCointainer partnership
  45. partnership
  46. CryptoWolf Listing
  47. Exchange Listing
  48. Plaak Hardware Wallet Partnership
  49. ColossusXT Debit Card Solution
  50. The 2018 Q4 AMA is completed
  51. ColossusXT is live on Blockfolio Signals
  52. ColossusXT is live on Delta Direct

Looking forward

Reflecting now on our accomplishments, our unified organization is strategically positioned to promote successful collaborations, innovations, and problem solving. Our combined efforts and partnerships with blockchain entities will enable the continuation and further development of ColossusXT’s mission. We will work with purpose to provide services that enrich the crypto experience and pioneer protecting the user through privacy technologies. By focusing on improving operational excellence, we can ensure every client interaction is simple, correct, and direct — delivered with empathy, efficiency, and pride. Our emotional connection to the work motivates us to make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for being part of our unique project.


ColossusXT LLC is a registered business in Wyoming, USA.














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