ColossusXT enters a strategic partnership with Gath3r

3 min readJan 3, 2020


To build an even higher reach on machine utilization for compute power within the scope of future plans while creating interaction for communities to enjoy benefits on both sides, Gath3r and ColossusXT enter a strategic partnership.

The partnership is premised on a supply sharing contract, depending on the networks, either Colossus Grid will use Gath3r’s publisher network to balance network load when peaked or Gath3r will be utilizing the Colossus Grid resources when needed.

To further strengthen the partnership between communities, ColossusXT community members can provide a supportive role for ColossusXT development by purchasing GTH tokens in the coming IEO rounds, first on the 9th of January on Probit Exchange. In addition to this, participants who buy minimum 10 USD worth of Gath3r will be automatically participating in a lottery for one iPad mini, one Apple Watch Series 3, two Airpods and further cash coupons.

All compensation paid by Gath3r will be used for further development on Colossus Grid and/or for buyback of COLX coins from the market, Gath3r’s compensation to COLX will be specifically linked to the amount that people will invest in Gath3r IEO from the COLX community.

Any ColossusXT community member that wants to buy GTH and support Colx project meanwhile is expected to follow these steps:

  1. Reach “Xquad” on ColossusXT Discord or Telegram
    (Telegram ID: @xquad , Discord tag: “xquad |” ,
    Discord ID: 234426835482574848)
  2. Join Gath3r Telegram
  3. Register on Probit Exchange
  4. During IEO, provide proof of purchase for GTH tokens

To celebrate this partnership, projects also launched another campaign together with a total prize of 500,000 COLX + 50,000 GTH.
Follow this link to participate to the contest, good luck 🍀

About Gath3r

Gath3r looks to democratise the compute power industry by harnessing the power of spare processing capacity of publishers for the benefit of businesses, blockchains, developers and webmasters. Through the use of spare processing power generated by publishers, Gath3r is able to help secure and launch blockchains by use of merged mining, while at the same time, businesses and enterprises can use Gath3r for their processing needs as a cheaper alternative as compared to today’s centralized solutions, all while providing an alternate form of monetization for publishers. The Gath3r blockchain is powered by the GTH cryptographic currency which facilitates payments and transactions within the hybrid ecosystem.

About ColossusXT

ColossusXT (ticker: COLX) is a community-orientated, energy efficient coin with a strong focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world implementation. It utilizes an energy efficient Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol and a second-tier Masternode network for inclusive community-based governance along with a blockchain based self-funding treasury system ensuring its sustainability. In order to reach this level of usability, COLX is continually evolving.

The goal of COLX is to be an advanced digital currency that is fast, secure, decentralized, private, and connects all of its users for a greater purpose as part of the Colossus Grid.

Colossus Grid is an ambitious project that aims to reward individuals for voluntary grid contributions. With this, ColossusXT seeks to compete in the global market for distributed computing power and decentralized storage all while riding on the backbone of a world class privacy blockchain.

ColossusXT LLC is a registered business in Wyoming, USA.














ColossusXT (ticker: COLX) is a community oriented digital privacy coin focusing on cloud computing & decentralization. Web: