ColossusXT & Gath3r Campaign for Covid-19 Computational Research

4 min readApr 10, 2020

At ColossusXT, we are committed to contribute for the computational research, one of the reasons why we are here today as volunteers to build a truly decentralized grid platform that caters to the privacy of its users, Colossus Grid. As of today, we are starting a campaign to join forces for the fight against COVID-19 and we will be rewarding the most contributing users to COVID-19 computational research.

As some of you might already know, Folding@home project aims to understand disease mechanisms at the molecular level then find weaknesses that medicines can exploit. Today, it is simulating the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins to hunt for new therapeutic opportunities. You can easily start contributing to this research by downloading the Folding@home client today.

To incentivize participation for this good cause, we’ve decided to create our Folding@Home team together with the Gath3r community which has aligned vision with us and we are going to turn it into a friendly competition.

Starting right now and until the end of June, we’ll be running a competition for most credits completed within our Folding@Home team. Our team number is 260272.

Rules for the Campaign

We will provide 1,000,000 $COLX + 10,000 $GTH as a prize pool!

  • First place gets 500,000 $COLX* + 5,000 $GTH**
  • Second gets 350,000 $COLX* + 3,500 $GTH**
  • Third gets 150,0000 $COLX* + 1,500 $GTH**

* COLX rewards to be distributed right after the following week when the event ends

** GTH rewards will be distributed after the token is listed on an exchange as per standard vesting schedule

How to start folding?

1. Go to and download the client for your operating system

2. To join our team, simply enter our team # (260272) into the client setup when you install the client.




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