Introducing bCOLX (Wrapped COLX BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain)

COLX can now be traded on the Binance Smart Chain

What is bCOLX?

The new bCOLX token is a “wrapped” version of $COLX, making it possible for people from any country to buy COLX on Pancakeswap or other exchanges where BEP20 tokens are traded on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why bCOLX?

The main benefits of bCOLX are improved accessibility to purchase COLX, bCOLX will make it possible for people from every country (including America) to buy COLX (as bCOLX). Additionally COLX / bCOLX liquidity will be greatly improved because those in the DeFi space now have easy access to COLX (as bCOLX) on Pancakeswap. bCOLX investors who are interested in participating in the COLX network can also “unwrap” their bCOLX. In other words, they can bridge it back to native COLX at a ratio of 1:1. Native COLX can then be used for staking and/or masternode collateral. You can read more about staking here and setting up masternode here.

How to Bridge, Trade and Add Liquidity for bCOLX

Users must first set up a Metamask wallet that can be connected to the Anyswap website.

To bridge and wrap COLX to bCOLX (COLX native to bCOLX):

1. Set up the bridge to go from “COLX” to “bCOLX” (COLX BEP20):

To bridge and unwrap bCOLX to COLX (bCOLX to COLX native):

1. Ensure your bCOLX is in your MetaMask wallet.

Trading bCOLX on PancakeSwap

To trade bCOLX on PancakeSwap, you should add bCOLX as a custom token first, go to this link, select “I understand” and click “Import”:

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