PLAAK Exchange integrates COLX — Live on 27th August

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In effort to expand the outreach of ColossusXT, we have partnered up with Australian based PLAAK Exchange, with Colx listing going live from 27th August 2018.

PLAAK is a decentralized exchange connected to an all-encompassing ecosystem. PLAAK is an innovative ecosystem that uses the best of blockchain technology to empower people in different aspects of their lives, achieving this through a number of products:

  1. Decentralized Exchange
  2. Different Applications — The PLAAK freelance app combines consumer trades and services with the cryptocurrency world, seamlessly linked to the cryptocurrency/fiat exchange and private wallet. They are also developing a managed investment fund app, health insurance app and a payroll app which will be added to their platform. The investment fund will help users grow their assets. The health insurance app will provide world class health services at the fingertips of users, as well as keeping their medical history in a digital vault. The payroll app facilitates an easy-to-use payroll for businesses to implement, that also enables cryptocurrency payments.
  3. Debit Card

At launch the PLAAK exchange will also include all of the following exciting features:

Fiat Capability

Part of bridging the gap between digital and physical assets is allowing fiat capabilities. PLAAK will enable users at launch to purchase their tokens through direct transfer, easing first time buyers seamlessly into the digital asset community.

Support Chat

PLAAK provides 24 hour website support.

Superior Transaction Times

Using the Ethereum blockchain, the PLAAK exchange will run roughly 25 transactions per second at launch. The PLAAK team is looking at improving this even further in the future by integrate Raiden into the network with potential speed capabilities of up to 100,000 transactions per second. PLAAK will have one of the fastest exchanges, payment and wallet transfer speeds in the world once they integrate these technologies together.


PLAAK has the highest KYC (Know Your Client) level, ensuring that PLAAK filters out possible criminal users that may harm the integrity of the community platform. They are also backed by a wild card SSL certifficate which secures the connection between the user’s browser and PLAAK in addition to incorporating AWS Amazon Cloud Servers which secures the entire platform, increasing the reliability of the security of PLAAK as a whole. Cloud security is considered more protective for data storage than on premises security, which is why PLAAK has had no hesitation over implementing it. Consequently this opens doors for a potential future in which PLAAK is hosted and protected by the Colossus Grid. There is also the ability to activate 2 factor authorization (2FA) security.

PLAAK is also in discussions with industry leaders about the implementation of biometric security. PLAAK will be using this cutting edge security as yet another way to ensure the safety of a user’s assets and privacy. What this would mean is that upon registering the user’s fingerprint and facial information, any part of the ecosystem can be accessed or used simply by scanning their face or finger instead of the typical login password and 2FA. The biometric system will facilitate a far simpler and more secure way to login and confirm transactions.

How To Get Started

Users must first download the PLAAK exchange app, compatible with their PC/Android/Windows or iOS device. If a user has already registered with the PLAAK freelance app, the login details will be the same, and the apps will link so that currencies can be transferred between them. If a user has not created a login then they can do so following the easy step by step prompts provided. Once verified through the KYC system, a user is then able to begin trading.

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